Ep. 11 – Cantinero Danny Sanchez from Barracuda Cantina in Cerritos Beach

Do you love tacos?
Do you love delicious cocktails?
Do you love the beach?
Do you love food that hits all your senses?

Then you will love Barracuda Cantina.

Meet Danny Sanchez, owner of Barracuda Cantina on Cerritos Beach in Baja California Sur. Learn about him, his story, how Barracudas became what it is today, and their next project – Barracuda Todos Santos.

Barracuda Cantina was featured on the Taco Chronicles on Netflix. You can find them at www.barracudacantina.com and on IG @barracudacantina.

Ep. 10 – Shifter with Jeff & Jen – One of our Favorite Taco Spots in BCS

Join Jeff and Jen as they lament the late-May snow in Colorado and daydream about their favorite taco place, Barracuda Cantina, in Los Cerritos, Baja California Sur. 

In this episode Jeff & Jen talk about why they love Barracuda – the location, vibe, cocktails, food… you name it. They talk about all the things that Barracuda is doing RIGHT that has lead the restaurant to substantial expansion, and a new location in Todos Santos.

Next week Jen interviews Danny, the owner of Barracuda Cantina, so this episode is a great warm up before you hear his incredible story, and more about what is happening at the Cantina. 

Check out Barracuda on IG @barracudacantina or at www.barracudacantina.com. 

Ep. 9 – Best Hiring Practices from the Founder of the People Principles with Jackie Koch

Join Jen and Jackie Koch, Founder of People Principles. Jackie is a MASTER at hiring and connecting the right people in the best places. Check her out at www.peopleprinciples.co & The Hiring School Podcast.

In this Episode, Jackie and Jen discuss:

Best Hiring Practices

  • How to create great interview questions
  • Why it matters that your potential candidate was pushed or pulled from their previous job
  • Checking References & Back Channel References
  • Training, SOPs, and why they matter
  • Communicating Employee Performance
  • And so much more
Jackie Koch, People Principles

About Jackie:

Hey, I’m Jackie Koch. I have over 15 years of experience prospecting talent and building teams for Fortune 500 companies, startups and small businesses in all types of industries.  Technically, I have an MBA from Concordia University, although I’d argue I learned more about growing and scaling a modern business over the last 5 years in the LA tech start up scene. There I built out recruiting and People Operations teams for high growth tech start ups. I love entrepreneurs and being one at heart, I started my own business during the pandemic. I’m the founder and CEO of People Principles where I help founders scale and lead their team with programs, courses and boutique agency services.

Episode 7 – Shifter with Jeff & Jen: Points of Service

Join us for a Shifter to talk about the Points of Service at a restaurant. This is a very basic concept, but mastering this in your business will make the guest experience INCREDIBLE, which is absolutely key to your bottom line. Master the guest experience and increase your return business and bottom line. 

Points of Service
Greeting – At the door and by the Server
Drink Order & Check Back
Apps or Food Order & Check Back
Drink Refill 
Clear Dirty Plates & Dessert
Drop Check & Run Payment Method
Goodbye & Invitation Back

Also key: Manage time expectations for Guests. If something is delayed, let them know! Communication is key.

Ep. 6 – Culture, Growth, and How People are #1 with Jenny Knickerbocker

Please join Jen & Destination Hospitality’s General Manager at the Periodic Table, Jenny Knickerbocker, to Discuss:
– Company Culture
– Training Best Practices
– Why Your People (Guests and Team) are #1

Jenny Knickerbocker is originally from Broomfield, Colorado and moved to Steamboat Springs in 2014 after living in Telluride, CO for two years. Since living in Steamboat, she has worked in the service industry and helped open Table 79 Foodbar in 2015. She then opened The Periodic Table in 2019 to a great success as the General Manager. She graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications- Public Relations and Advertising. Jenny is passionate about providing excellent customer service and has been in the food and beverage industry for over 15 years. Her love for fly fishing, snowboarding and plants make Steamboat the perfect place to call home.

Jenny Knickerbocker, Destination Hospitality GM
at The Periodic Table in Steamboat Springs, Colorado