Ep. 9 – Best Hiring Practices from the Founder of the People Principles with Jackie Koch

Join Jen and Jackie Koch, Founder of People Principles. Jackie is a MASTER at hiring and connecting the right people in the best places. Check her out at www.peopleprinciples.co & The Hiring School Podcast.

In this Episode, Jackie and Jen discuss:

Best Hiring Practices

  • How to create great interview questions
  • Why it matters that your potential candidate was pushed or pulled from their previous job
  • Checking References & Back Channel References
  • Training, SOPs, and why they matter
  • Communicating Employee Performance
  • And so much more
Jackie Koch, People Principles

About Jackie:

Hey, I’m Jackie Koch. I have over 15 years of experience prospecting talent and building teams for Fortune 500 companies, startups and small businesses in all types of industries.  Technically, I have an MBA from Concordia University, although I’d argue I learned more about growing and scaling a modern business over the last 5 years in the LA tech start up scene. There I built out recruiting and People Operations teams for high growth tech start ups. I love entrepreneurs and being one at heart, I started my own business during the pandemic. I’m the founder and CEO of People Principles where I help founders scale and lead their team with programs, courses and boutique agency services.