Ep. 10 – Shifter with Jeff & Jen – One of our Favorite Taco Spots in BCS

Join Jeff and Jen as they lament the late-May snow in Colorado and daydream about their favorite taco place, Barracuda Cantina, in Los Cerritos, Baja California Sur. 

In this episode Jeff & Jen talk about why they love Barracuda – the location, vibe, cocktails, food… you name it. They talk about all the things that Barracuda is doing RIGHT that has lead the restaurant to substantial expansion, and a new location in Todos Santos.

Next week Jen interviews Danny, the owner of Barracuda Cantina, so this episode is a great warm up before you hear his incredible story, and more about what is happening at the Cantina. 

Check out Barracuda on IG @barracudacantina or at www.barracudacantina.com.